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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

One detail we never miss photographing when covering a wedding are the bridal shoes.  Wedding guests may not even notice wedding the shoes because they are always hidden beneath the brides dress.  But, we always know that the bride took her time finding the perfect shoes.

Some brides prefer to have wedding shoes that match their wedding dress colour and material to keep a uniform look. But over the years we have noticed many brides breaking out of this rule and creating their own trends. Today’s brides wear extremely bold colour shoes such as red and blue.  Most of the time brides love wearing high heels. But there is a growing number of brides preferring flat shoes and even more fun sneakers.

No matter what you decide to wear for the wedding ceremony and the reception, it is important to wear comfortable shoes for the photo session. We recommend bringing along a flat pair if you are wearing heels. Walking from one photo location to another can make your feet sore during the photo session if you are wearing high heels all the time.  

Also, you must never forget the groom’s height when selecting your shoes. If the bride and groom are at similar heights, heels may not be the best option for you. Always remember the height difference can change the way we pose a couple.

 So before you go shopping for your bridal shoes think about the colours, comfort and your groom. Hope you find that Cinderella shoe that fits you and your style perfectly. 

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