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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: (Things that most couples want to know)

Q- How long have you been in the wedding industry?

A- We have been wedding photographers for close to fifteen years covering weddings of various different cultures, ethnicities, religious and other backgrounds in many different countries.

Q- How many photographers  included in your packages?

A- All our packages include two photographers. The benefits of having two photographers include more coverage, more variety, two different perspectives  and having two pairs of eyes to catch all the details.

If you book a videography package with us we have  another member of our team who does videography under our direction.

Q – Do you capture candid emotions?

A – One of the main reasons why we both shoot is because this helps us to coordinate ourselves where whilst one is covering any formalities that may be going on, the other looks to capture any emotions we feel will be precious to our clients.  This approach is followed through out the entire  day from start to finish.

Q- Do you photograph details and family formals ?

A- We believe that every moment and every detail of your special day is important to you. It certainly was when we got married. So every wedding we cover, we sort of relive our special day and pay extra attention to capturing every moment and detail.

Q – Have you shot at my venue before?

A – Having been in this industry for a long time, we have covered many locations/venues. However, if your venue is a place where we have not covered before, then we make sure to visit the location on an earlier date to your wedding date. If your wedding location is out of town and quite a distance away from where we are located, we will arrive at the venue well in advance to the start time so that we have time to do a quick walk around.

Q- How many images will we receive?

A- We typically deliver 50-60 images per hour of coverage. Keep in mind these numbers may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured. For example, if someone has a 1 hour church ceremony then obviously they will get more images compared to a 20 minute garden ceremony.

We eliminate duplicate images, miss-focused shots, shots with bad expressions, closed eyes and others that, in our opinion, may dilute the final product. For example, sometimes we take a few extra shots to make sure we have the perfect pose or expression. In another example, candid emotional moments such as tears and laughs are some of the best images from the day. However, unfortunately, some can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. These will be eliminated. To overcome this, we might (where possible) snap a few extras of such moments to make sure we have a great shot with the ideal expression.

Q – Do you edit all the images?

A – Every image we deliver is post produced.This involves colour correction, exposure adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, and other corrections. All the images are print ready. We do not do heavy photoshop work.

Majority of the time we try to get the perfect shot in camera with extra lighting etc. Also we do not do advanced post-production work that requires extensive alterations such as changing the size and shape of body parts, etc. If a client requires this type of work, we have a number of editing professionals we can recommend.

Q- Do you include the digital negatives?

A- All our packages include digital negatives. However, we do not provide the RAW files, the uncorrected digital “negatives”.

Q- When will we see our photos & videos?

A- A week or two after the wedding we will have a sneak peek  images ready for you.  Rest of the gallery will be delivered to you in 8 working weeks.

Videos will take about 14 working weeks from the wedding day. However, delivery times can be different during peak and holiday seasons

Q- Do you bring along backup equipment?

A- Yes we do. We carry a number of spare cameras, lenses and flash lights .

Q- What happens if you’re sick or unable to cover the wedding?

A- In the fifteen years we have been in this business, we are yet to miss a wedding (whether it be due to illness or any other reason). We always say that only an act of God can keep us from covering a client’s wedding day. Having said that, should something keep us from covering the wedding we have partner professional photographers in the markets we work who we can call on to cover for us. Furthermore, since client’s like our signature style of creative work when it comes to the couple shoot, we will offer a complimentary couple shoot (terms & conditions apply) on another day.

Q- Do you cover weddings/couple shoots from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds?

A- Yes we do. Over the years we have covered an extensive number of different cultural, religious and ethnic weddings both in Australia and overseas. This has given us a deep understanding of the cultural and other aspects of different societies, helping us to offer each client exactly what they require and also not to miss any of the important aspects of the day.

Q- We’d love to work with you. What happens next?

A- We’d love to meet with you both and get to know you! Please write to us using the Contact Us link to  receive our wedding packages and to set up an appointment.