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Tania and Malcolm met in high school as they had the same year-eight home group together.

“I remember getting a friend at the time to ask Malcolm out for me on the second day of high school, but he turned my request down because he felt he didn’t know me well enough!” recalled Tania. “Since then, we became friends and six months later he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

Tania & Malcolm began secretly dating as Tania wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until she was 16. Since this first date, they have been together ever since and this year they celebrated 13 years.

The Engagement

“Malcolm messaged me while I was at work and asked me if I wanted to go to the Mount Lofty lookout as there was a fireworks display on that night. When we were at the lookout, standing behind me, Malcolm gave me a hug and began telling me how much he loved me. He then let go of me and when I turned around he was down on one knee holding a beautiful ring!”

We are excitedly counting the days to be part of Tania and Malcolm’s wedding day. As we wait for this occasion here are some pictures from their engagement session at Hallett Cove


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