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One thing we love the most when it comes to our wedding clients is “their story” about how they met and the proposal. Each couple’s story is unique in every way.

Samantha and Dylan first met at School.  They passed each other along the hallway but didn’t really say anything to each other initially.  Then a few months later, Dylan asked his friend who knew Samantha’s friend if she could take Samantha to his house when he was having a get together.  That night they hardly spoke to each other. Dylan later pursued Samantha through social media and then the texting began.

After that Samantha and Dylan caught up a few times, got into a lot of trouble with her parents for sneaking out and then finally three months later went on their first official date.

How Dylan proposed to Samantha is truly unique and here is exactly how he did it in Samantha’s own words…

“I gave Dylan tandem skydiving tickets for his 21st birthday. On our four year anniversary we went to Lower Light Skydiving.  We got ready and had our pre-flight and jump tutorial… we were so nervous! We took off in a rickety old plane thinking we weren’t going to get off the ground, nevertheless we got up in the air and continued to climb higher and higher! When it was time to jump Dylan went first and then me.  Dylan jumped doing a somersault on the way out and then it was my turn.  While descending, the guy that I jumped with pointed to a sign that said ‘MARRY ME!’ I couldn’t believe it! The tears of joy and disbelief certainly poured out!

Dylan landed first and then me.  When I reached the landing spot Dylan ran to me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  There were lots of tears and laughter! Of course I asked him if he had asked my Dad’s permission! He had! Dylan had organised weeks before, that while we were in the plane our friends and family would roll out ‘MARRY ME!’ out of paper and rocks to hold the sign.”

We have the pleasure of covering Samantha and Dylan’s wedding in a few weeks time.  A few weeks back, as a prelude to the wedding day, we spent an afternoon with this wonderful couple doing their pre-wedding photo shoot. It was an amazing afternoon. Both were is such a fun spirited mood and laughter throughout the afternoon. Capturing emotions was a breeze for us. Can’t wait for the wedding day!

Samantha & Dylan wanted a beach photo shoot. We started near a local marina and worked our way towards the beach.

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