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Thought for the week – Relationships

Ever stop to imagine what life would be without relationships?  It is something we take for granted, but the absence of it would make it a very lonely place.  Wether it is loved ones, work colleagues, pets, or someone else, every moment of the day we are sharing in relationships in one form or the other.

A relationship is like a well-kept, manicured garden. Bringing joy, happiness and a refreshing aura during good as well as difficult times. Relationships don’t always stay the same, but with a lot of nurturing and patience, a very strong bond can be achieved. Good strong relationships will always be there for us when we feel like laughing, crying, screaming or simply when we want to rest on a warm understanding shoulder.

In this day and age, with all the pressures we have to endure, we spend increasingly less time on developing our relationships. But, we constantly need to keep reminding our selves that life without relationships is not a life at all.  No matter how minute it may seem, take time to celebrate and appreciate your relationships.

-Duncan & Ajanie

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