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Rainy Day Wedding

Rainy Day Wedding Tips

When you have planned your wedding for months, the thought of rain can be really disappointing. Especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, it is important to have a back up plan for the day.

A few tips if it rains on your wedding day: 

  1. Be prepared early and talk to your vendors about rainy day plan.
  2. Rent a tent if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception or make sure your venue has an indoor area big enough to hold your wedding reception.
  3. Come up with ideas to transport guests from your ceremony to reception, extra cars or golf carts.
  4. Have umbrellas ready for your guests and the bridal party, they come in handy in rain or shine.
  5. Bring extra towels for you and the guests.
  6. Have amazing rainy day pictures taken to remember the day and don’t worry about getting wet or getting your dress dirty.
  7. Relax and trust your photographer. Give them a chance to create magic.
  8. Embrace it: Have fun and dance in the rain!

-Duncan & Ajanie

It is cozy and romantic to exchange vows under an umbrella


It is really special  when dad walks you down the aisle and then holds an umbrella until you exchange rings


Your first kiss is still special under the rain


It is very romantic when you take your first steps under the rain with the man you just married 


Its even more fun to walk in the rain


Amazing rain clouds make the photos look really dramatic


A hint of sun after the rain makes it even more beautiful


If you wait long enough for that sunset after a rain you will end up with magical photos


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