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north terrace pre wedding shiloh and adam

The Adelaide North Terrace is a great place for photographing pre-wedding sessions as well as weddings because of the rich historical architecture and not to mention the iconic buildings stretching the length of North Terrace starting from Adelaide University all the way to the South End of the road. This is where we decided to do this pre-wedding shoot and boy what a fun afternoon it was.

What can we say? Shiloh and Adam were  so much fun to photograph and spend the afternoon with.

We had met Adam sometime back (at the time of booking us) but never had the opportunity to meet Shiloh in person. From the moment we said hello we realised that they are such a simple and fun couple.  Adam is from Western Australia and Shiloh from Queensland. As fate would have it, Shiloh was posted to Western Australia on work and during this time met Adam.  This inseparable pair then moved to Adelaide because of Shiloh’s work commitments.

After having postponed the pre wedding session once due to heavy rains, we finally met Shiloh and Adam on North Terrace on a not so sunny Sunday. It was overcast and cold but Shiloh and Adam didn’t mind the weather at all.  Starting at the Art Gallery we walked the North Terrace towards the Adelaide University photographing our goofy and fun loving couple.

Shiloh and Adam, you guys were  so  funny and you kept us entertained throughout the shoot.

We know your wedding next weekend is going to be awesome and so much fun.

Cultural Precinct Adelaide

University of Adelaide

Museum of Classical Archaeology

Bonython Hall


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