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Forest Pre Wedding Adelaide, DreamTeamImaging, Adelaide Hills

We loved photographing Lavern & Rick in this beautiful forest filled with wild flowers.

Lavern & Rick met at a Latin dance school. They were both taking salsa classes. One evening Lavern hurt fell while they were dancing together and hurt her leg. Rick being a gentleman, helped her from the dance floor  and the rest, as they say, is history.

One day, many months later, Rick created a treasure hunt for Lavern. Initially, Lavern did not understand what the treasure hunt was for, but she likes to win so she played along. The treasure hunt made Lavern look for clues around Rick’s home. Lavern had to look everywhere from cupboards to pictures hanging on the wall to the motorcycle in the garage. The final clue lead her to a scrap book. This was a special scrapbook Lavern had made earlier for Rick. It celebrated their time together as a couple. Rick had added a new entry at the back of the scrapbook. The new entry was a marriage proposal. As she read the proposal Rick was on bended knees holding a ring.

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