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As we both went over to The Playford Hotel to capture Kelly & Abdul getting ready (in separate rooms of course) we found everyone all very excited and in high spirits. It was a great atmosphere and this was to carry on throughout the day.

Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder they say. Abdul could not hold himself from getting a sneak peek of his gorgeous bride in her dress. Though they both were on the same hotel floor, the rooms were “well guarded” so Abdul had to hold on until a few hours later.

A short while later we were all at the Ceremony eagerly awaiting our beautiful bride to make her appearance. As this eventually happened Abdul’s face lit up bright and loud as he got that first glimpse of Kelly walking up the isle.

Once all the formalities at the ceremony was complete it was off to the Adelaide Casino for the creative shoot. An awesome location! The management and staff at the Adelaide Casino was so very wonderful.

The evening saw Kelly & Abdul make their way to their reception at The Lion. A great evening made up of  great music and lots of traditions, fun and laughter.


The Playford Hotel



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