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A very special Holy Trinity Church wedding awaited our religious couple Marge and Brendan.

Leading up to the wedding, it rained every day without a break in the gloomy skies. Then on the most special day of Marge & Brendan’s lives the skies cleared, letting through gorgeous blue skies and warmth. This certainly was divine intervention. God’s blessings was abundant.

After their early morning preparations at Marge’s parents’ home in the scenic Adelaide hills, we drove to the Holy Trinity Church in the city where Marge & Brendan exchanged vows as their closest family and friends (from near and far) watched on. Being devote Christians, having the ceremony at this historically iconic church was very fitting. One of the oldest surviving Anglican church buildings in South Australia the Holly Trinity Church would have witnessed countless number of marriage unions since the mid 1800s and our blessed couple was the latest addition to the church’s history books.

After the ceremony, it was time for photography with the immediate family and then on to spending time with our couple creatively capturing Marge & Brendan’s first few moments as husband & wife.

A luncheon reception was held at the Sea Rescue Squadron function centre with breathtaking views of the ocean in the background. After the lunch, all the formalities and well wishing from loved ones were completed we had another opportunity to spend more time with Marge & Brendan as the day came to a close. The setting sun over the calm seas offered gorgeous hues for photography.

Marge and Brendon kept their wedding very simple, yet meaningful. Their religious background and values played a huge role during the entire day.







Ceremony : Holy Trinity Church 

Getting Ready : Adelaide Hills

Reception : Sea Rescue Squadron Function Centre





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