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Heavenly Delights

A relaxing afternoon enjoying cheese, chocolates, and other heavenly delights.

The last few months have been a very busy time for us, both in business as well as personal matters. Being self-employed has its pressures and so getting caught up in work and completely loosing sight of the need to take a break happens all too easily. A good friend used to always say to us, “work will always be there, but time spent enjoying life’s little pleasures is something we need to do as often as we can, leaving no room for regrets later on”.  It is also a wonderful way to work on relationships and also getting that much needed “mental revitalisation”.

A very dear friend was visiting Adelaide from Sydney for the first time and this was the perfect opportunity not only to show our friend the sights, but also for us to take that much needed break. So yesterday we spent the entire afternoon in the hills area taking our friend to some of our favourite “get-away” places near the city.

First stop in the list was the Melba’s chocolate factory. Apart from going into a visual ecstasy in seeing all those chocolates on display, we also loved walking through the different processing areas and tasting samples of chocolates. Visiting the cheese factory next door was also quite a pleasure.

History intrigues us a lot and being in a place with a rich past only adds to the experience.

After the chocolate factory, it was a short drive to our next favourite destination, Hahndorf. This heritage town, classified as the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia offers such a rich history as well as a taste of German culture. We absolutely love Hahndorf and no matter how many times we may have visited in the past, each visit is a unique experience. It is like going back in time.

Apart from the experience and spending time with our good friend, it was also an afternoon of indulgence. We must have put on a couple of kilos in one afternoon. But all in all, we had a wonderful time.

Now with an energised mind it is back to work (and shedding the kilos put on).


-Duncan & Ajanie


At the chocolate factory


So many choices


Rising the cheese factory


Time to enjoy all the heavenly delights!




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