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Engagement Photos

Tips for the Best Engagement Photos

It is the time for summer brides and grooms to book your engagement sessions with the photographer. It is a great way to get plenty of practice before your wedding day.

Spring is the perfect time for engagement photos.  Blooming flowers, light green leaves and beautiful weather sets the perfect background for romance filled photos.

Location – When you are picking a location remember to pick a place that is very meaningful to you. If you don’t have such special location then pick a location you would not be able to go to on your wedding day such as beach or city. 

Hair and makeup- It is important to feel and look beautiful for the engagement shoot. Get a professional to do your make up. If you are doing your own make up and hair spend a bit of extra time than usual.

Clothing- You can wear anything you like for the shoot; casual, formal, semi-casual which ever suits your personality.

-Coordinate styles. Guys make sure you match the overall “feel” of your  girl’s outfit. If she’s wearing a dress, make yourself look a little nicer. Funk yourself up a little with a snazzy tie and nice leather shoes.

– Wear simple patterns. Don’t over do it with the patterns. Solid dark colors are the most flattering.

– For ladies, a cute cocktail/summer dress is always a good way to go or something appropriate for the current season of the year (preferably not pants).

– Stick to more fitted clothing. Anything hanging off your body (baggy) will make you look bigger than you are and look messy.

Pick an activity- You may want to incorporate any activities you love doing together into the photos. These can be anything like having coffee, playing with your pet, hanging out at the beach, playing a musical instrument, having ice-cream, or simply just taking a stroll through the park. Bring your true personalities to the photo shoot.

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