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When Dominika & David emailed pictures of  Mount Osmand location for their shoot we gladly agreed because it was not a location we had used before. At first we were not sure how the location will turn out especially since it was going to be a very hot day, but decided to take a chance anyway.  On the day of the shoot the temperature was predicted to be around 45 degrees.   That evening as we were driving towards Mount Osmand for the shoot the temperature had dropped quite a bit with a cloud cover moving in. Feeling a bit relieved we  decided to walked the trail to reach the location. What a location it was! The place had everything to offer, wild flowers, grassy pathways, mountain views on one side and  views of the city on the other. Adding to this was the dramatic clouds overhead. The timing could not be any more perfect. This truly was a photographers dream! Dominika mentioned that this location represented them so much because their dream is to live in a place with similar views. Also they love coming to Mount Osmond during their walks.

We  photographed all the way until sunset. We all were quite happy with the location but felt a bit disappointed of not having a beautiful vibrant sunset because of the cloud cover.  Instead what we received was a single streak of pink in the sky. We quickly decided to do a few photos before the sun completely disappeared.

Feeling happy with the photos we already got we started walking back to the cars before complete darkness set in. Then sunset took a different turn. The entire sky  turned red, pink and blue all at the same time. In a window of about five minutes we had the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen with the breathtaking city views in the background. We could not believe our eyes! Dominika & David was so excited and happy how the day turned out and so were we. What started as one of the hottest and humid days this Summer turned out to be one of the most beautiful evenings ever.

Here are some images from this amazing pre-wedding session with this beautiful couple. Enjoy!

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