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In 1982 Farhana’s grandparents landed on the tropical island of Fiji. Little did they know that a friendship they would develop on that trip will last a lifetime and seal the fate of their granddaughter.
Farhana grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and Tanvir in Fiji.  Tavir and his family then moved over to New Zealand.
The family friendship continued over the years and remained strong.
Despite the close relationship between the two families, Farhana and Tanvir’s paths did not cross until the 2010. It was the South African Fifa World Cup when Tanvir came to visit South Africa. He spent a few days visiting Farhana’s family and as soon as he set his eyes on Farhana it was love at first sight. ┬áThe rest was history as they say.
This was another memorable destination wedding for us. The moments experienced will linger in our hearts for ever.

The precious moments were captured by Duncan & Ajanie – DreamTeamImaging. Destination Wedding Photography.

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