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18 Feb 2022
Wedding Confetti guide, Adelaide wedding photographers


Throwing confetti dates back to  the 14th century Italy where people tossed various objects into crowds to celebrate.  Later in 1875 an Italian businessman developed first paper confetti to use in parades. Today we use paper, petals and other various alternatives as confetti. Throwing confetti is hands down one of the best parts of the wedding day. Not only it’s a fun thing for your guests it is also a great time to capture some colourful and fun photos. Here […]

10 Feb 2022
Adelaide wedding photography timelne


WHY IS IT IMPORTANT With all the suppliers involved, planning a wedding day can seem rather confusing and daunting. Having a stress-free wedding day becomes possible when everything runs on time. Since everything has to work in sync planning the photography timeline will help streamline not only the photography flow, but also other wedding supplier timelines as well.  Here we have put together a guideline to give you a rough idea of how long each part of the day will […]