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Our day started quite early at the groom’s place capturing Morris and his groom’s men getting ready. The guys were in great spirits with Morris looking forward to seeing Danielle at the altar.

After about and hour with the guys, we headed off to Danielle’s, to capture the girls getting ready. The moment we saw Danielle’s dress hanging in the her room, we immediately knew how gorgeous she was going to look.

Just before leaving her mother’s home, Danielle handed gifts to all her bride’s maids as well as her parents as a token of her appreciation for everything they have done for her that day as well as over the years. This was a sweet gesture by Danielle.

At the church Morris waited impatiently to get a glimpse of his love come down the isle and when this eventually happened the glitter in his eyes was priceless.

Soon after the formalities at the church, we were off to the Botanical gardens followed by a walk down North terrace for the couple and bridal party pictures. Stopping along the way at the Botanic Bar for some much needed refreshments on this hot day.

Reception was held at the Adelaide Intercontinental hotel partying late into the night.



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