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Monthly Archives: March 2016

29 Mar 2016
wedding photographers adelaide


Helen was in Adelaide on a working holiday and as fate would have it found work at the same place as Damien. Love was in the air and their relationship blossomed every passing day.  When it was time for Helen to return, Damien was so madly in love, he followed Helen to the UK for two years.  During this time Damien asked Helen to marry him at the iconic Bristol Bridge. They decided to have their wedding back in South Australia […]

09 Mar 2016


Tania and Malcolm met in high school. Their relationship started with a friendship and six months later Malcolm asked Tania to be his girlfriend. They began secretly dating as Tania wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend until she was 16. Since this first date, they have been together and they celebrated 13 years being in love by getting married at the beautiful Carrick Hill gardens. The day was very special, filled with lots of memories from over the thirteen years and pouring […]