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Monthly Archives: October 2015

29 Oct 2015


                                                     Why You Need a Cocktail Hour at Your Wedding Cocktail hour is an important part of your wedding. There are several reasons why we feel it will help your wedding day flow really smoothly. 1.Gives your guests something to do before the reception. Cocktail hour is a perfect time for your guests to refresh […]

21 Oct 2015


A UNIQUE MAN CAVE Much to the dislike of Ajanie, I am not a huge fan when it comes to shopping. Most of the time, when shopping, I pretty much know what I need to buy. I want to spend as little time as possible once inside a shop, so I go through my list, get what I need and then leave.  To me shopping is a mundane unproductive exercise. However, there are instances when I go to the other extreme […]

16 Oct 2015


One thing we love the most when it comes to our wedding clients is “their story” about how they met and the proposal. Each couple’s story is unique in every way. Samantha and Dylan first met at School.  They passed each other along the hallway but didn’t really say anything to each other initially.  Then a few months later, Dylan asked his friend who knew Samantha’s friend if she could take Samantha to his house when he was having a […]

14 Oct 2015

Golden Hour Photos

The Golden Hour- Best time of the day for your wedding photos Have you heard about the golden hour? It is the magical hour just before the sunset or the first hour of light after sunrise. The photographers go crazy about trying to find this light simply because it is just so beautiful. So, what is so special about the golden hour? Light during the golden hour is soft and magical. It gives a warm glow to the subjects being […]

09 Oct 2015

Bridal Portraits

Why Bridal Portraits are Important As wedding photographers we always insist on our brides to give us ample time to capture a few portraits as soon as they are ready.  Why is it so important that you need to allow time for portraits before you leave for the ceremony? Well, these are a few reasons why we encourage our brides to allow time for portraits. It is important to capture a few individual portraits of the bride while the make […]

07 Oct 2015


Zahraa in her Red Bridesmaid Dress We met Zahraa during a recent wedding we covered. She was one the beautiful bridesmaids at her sisters wedding. When we arrived at the hotel Zahraa was wearing this beautiful red bridesmaid dress. She looked amazing and as we waited for the bride to be ready we managed to do some creative work with Zahraa. This is what we ended up with.

02 Oct 2015

Sand Ceremony

Wedding Sand Ceremony Sand ceremony is a beautiful way of celebrating the union of two people and marriage. This tradition has been part of weddings for many years. The Sand ceremony is a beautiful alternative to a unity candle. Some believe that the sand ceremony originated in the Hawaiian Islands and others believe it has been long performed by Native Americans.  Regardless of ethnic and religious backgrounds, many couples use the sand ceremony to celebrate their union.  Mixing different coloured […]