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Monthly Archives: September 2015

30 Sep 2015

Engagement Photos

Tips for the Best Engagement Photos It is the time for summer brides and grooms to book your engagement sessions with the photographer. It is a great way to get plenty of practice before your wedding day. Spring is the perfect time for engagement photos.  Blooming flowers, light green leaves and beautiful weather sets the perfect background for romance filled photos. Location – When you are picking a location remember to pick a place that is very meaningful to you. […]

25 Sep 2015

A Prayer

A prayer for our past and present brides and grooms Today we are thinking of all our past and present brides and grooms who trusted us with the most special day in their lives. We are grateful that you let us into your lives and shared your personal stories with us. We are grateful that some of you have since become our good friends. We are thankful that you have prayed for us when we needed it. We were humbled […]

23 Sep 2015

Heavenly Delights

A relaxing afternoon enjoying cheese, chocolates, and other heavenly delights. The last few months have been a very busy time for us, both in business as well as personal matters. Being self-employed has its pressures and so getting caught up in work and completely loosing sight of the need to take a break happens all too easily. A good friend used to always say to us, “work will always be there, but time spent enjoying life’s little pleasures is something […]

21 Sep 2015

Rainy Day Wedding

Rainy Day Wedding Tips When you have planned your wedding for months, the thought of rain can be really disappointing. Especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, it is important to have a back up plan for the day. A few tips if it rains on your wedding day:  Be prepared early and talk to your vendors about rainy day plan. Rent a tent if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception or make sure your […]

18 Sep 2015

Pets in your wedding

Include pets in your wedding day Every bride and groom want to be surrounded by people they love on their wedding day. That is why many couples want their pets to share in their big wedding day. There are so many fun ways couples include their pets in their wedding. If your pet is not going to be part of your wedding it is always fun to take a picture with them. -Duncan & Ajanie Shauna and the pup before […]

16 Sep 2015

Wedding Albums

Wedding albums to tell your story We love designing albums for our clients. After so many years of putting together albums for our couples, we still love the excitement of receiving wedding books from our supplier.  It gives us great pleasure flipping through the pages and remembering couples’ special day.  Looking at an image on a computer screen is great, but turning the pages of a well-crafted album is a far better experience. Even the fresh print scent of the […]

14 Sep 2015


Summer is officially here. YAY! Long awaited summer has finally arrived and it’s here to stay for a while.  After a very cold lengthy winter we welcomed summer with such pleasure.  We have always love summer, mainly because it is the start of a beautiful wedding season. Also because we love going on short trips out of the city for a quick break.  Sunday morning drive was one of those spontaneous ideas to drive to the countryside with our two […]

11 Sep 2015

Lazy Fridays

Lazy Fridays We still have a few more hours to go before the weekend starts. But today is one of those days we don’t feel like doing anything; just feel like putting our feet up, getting cosy, and lying around. To sum-up our thoughts this is how we feel.  TGIF!  -Duncan & Ajanie This is Chewy 

09 Sep 2015

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes One detail we never miss photographing when covering a wedding are the bridal shoes.  Wedding guests may not even notice wedding the shoes because they are always hidden beneath the brides dress.  But, we always know that the bride took her time finding the perfect shoes. Some brides prefer to have wedding shoes that match their wedding dress colour and material to keep a uniform look. But over the years we have noticed many brides breaking out of […]

07 Sep 2015


Thought for the week – Relationships Ever stop to imagine what life would be without relationships?  It is something we take for granted, but the absence of it would make it a very lonely place.  Wether it is loved ones, work colleagues, pets, or someone else, every moment of the day we are sharing in relationships in one form or the other. A relationship is like a well-kept, manicured garden. Bringing joy, happiness and a refreshing aura during good as […]