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Monthly Archives: April 2013

27 Apr 2013

Nikki & Alvin – Wedding

We always make it a point to meet the couple when we have our pre-wedding chat at the coverage planning stage. In the case of this wedding we only got to meet Nikki. So we had no idea what Alvin looked like and figured we will find out when he walks down the isle. On the wedding day, as always, we got to the venue quite early to familiarise ourselves with the location. Also to capture the gorgeous décor and […]

06 Apr 2013


Butterflies were the pivotal theme for Rosheen and every detail was around this. From a “getting ready” venue that was more like butterfly heaven (decoratively speaking) to reception guest tables that were named “butterfly”, each in a uniquely different language instead of having table numbers. With a captivating smile and sweet gorgeous personality, it is no great surprise Devlin fell in love with Rosheen.